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Aşağıdaki bağlantılar üzerinden Humik Asit üzerine yapılmış ilaç çalışmaları ile ilgili dosyaları inceleyebilirsiniz: 

Antimycotic nail polish based on humic acid-coated silver nanoparticles for onychomycosis

Formulation design, optimization and in vivo evaluation of oral co-encapsulated resveratrol-humic acid colloidal polymeric nanocarriers

Injectable and Natural Humic Acid-Agarose Hybrid Hydrogel for Localized Light-Driven Photothermal Ablation and Chemotherapy of Cancer

Stimulus-responsive zinc oxide-functionalized macromolecular humic acid nanocarrier for enhancement of antibacterial activity of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride


Evaluation of the permeation of peat substances through human skin in vitro

Angiomodulatory properties of some antibiotics and Tołpa Peat Preparation (humik asit)

Advances on the Pharmacology Research of Active Component in Humic Acid

Humic acids Structural properties and multiple functionalities for novel technological developments

Interaction of humic acid salts with drug preparations

New Progress in Medical Research of Bio-Humic Acid

Future of Humic substances as Pharmaceutical Excipient

Evaluating the efficacy, safety and possible mechanism of action of potassium humate with selenium

Use of humic acid-containing substance in medicine

Medical Drugs From Humus Matter Focus on Mumie

Humic substances as a potent biomaterials for therapeutic and drug delivery system – a rewiev

Comparative evaluation of humic substances in oral drug delivery

Molecular complexes of aspirin with humic acid extracted from shilajit and their characterization

EP0530455A1 Huminate containing nasal agent.

US20070212434A1 Compositions and methods for human use containing fulvic acid

The Humic Acids of Peat. Physico-Chemical Properties and Biological Activity in Erythrocytes

US8445452B2 Fulvic acid and antibiotic combination


Molecular complexes of aspirin with humic acid extracted from shilajit and their characterization

An investigation of the effects of fulvic and humic acids on the absorption of selected drugs, vitamins and minerals using the everted mouse gut model

Interaction of humic acid salts with drug preparations

Role of Shilajit (humic acid) in a murine model of haloperidol induced catalepsy (kas donması)

Sodium humate accelerates cutaneous wound healing by activating TGF-β-Smads signaling pathway in rats

The colonic bioreactor – a forerunner model for future biotechnology (function, role, products & management)

Humic substances of peloid as natural adaptogens

Actoprotector activity of humic acids low-mire wood-grass peat

Assessment of pharmacokinetics and biological effects of lignin derived polyphenolic compositions BP-C3 and BP-C2 in in vivo models

Influence of feed additives of humic nature on the formation of nonspecific adaptive response of the rats’ hemostasis under the influence of stressors

Exploration of fulvic acid as a functional excipient in line with the regulatory requirement

Fulvic acid attenuates homocysteine-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression in human monocytes

Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes

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